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Universal Secrets Discovered on Shrooms

This enlightening experience on shrooms occurred in 1992 and I still remember it vividly to this day.   26 years later I finally understand what this vision meant, and live my life by it.  I hope you enjoy it


Question & Answer

Is my higher self out to get me? 0:27
Advice for those starting to wake up. 2:20
Christianity, am I a Christian? 5:43
What happens when we die? 9:40
How come you don't make anymore Mandela Effect videos? 15:30
Laurel & Yanny 17:57
Have you ever taken psychedelics? 20:10


More Q & A on the Frequencies
that are Reconnecting Us and
Healing Our World!


Nothing on this planet can hurt you if...
A memory that popped into my head after reading a part of a book that seemed pretty outrageous at the time.  But why did I remember this story immediately after questioning the validity of what I was reading. 

Most Empowering Words  



I Don't Know


Question & Answer

I'm asked questions about the event, frequencies, conspiracies,
smoking marijuana and some other questions from my subscribers.  I hope you enjoy it.


I'm Going to Earth

A funny story of my oversoul getting their acceptance letter to attend Earth.  Unfortunately the Instructions were not included 🙂

My Best Friend is a Deathwalker

 This is a story about one of my friends waking up to the reality he is, and always has been a healer. 


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